The 9tailors custom shirting process begins with finding the right fabric. All of our 2-ply cotton fabrics exceed 100 thread count, giving each shirt a smooth and lustrous finish. From stripes to solids, neutrals to neons, we offer a multitude of choices.

Our style consultants takes over 15 measurements, noting body type, posture and fit preferences. Then our master tailors will craft a one-of-a-kind garment.


The suit design process begins with a one-on-one consultation with a style consultant. The style consultant helps the client by navigating the wide range of fabrics and design options. From formal to casual, we make sure that you have the perfect pieces for every occasion.

We measure over 24 dimensions and noting body type, posture and fit preferences so that the suit fits just right.


Our tailored fall and winter coating reflect style, comfort and function. You can customize everything from fabrics to buttons. That's freedom of design.

From classic to modern, we have several designs that will suit even the most discerning client’s style and sensibility.



We love outfitting the groom and his wedding attendants for the big day. Our tailors custom-make a variety of formal wear: from tuxedos to suits.

A dedicated style consultant will walk the couple through the process and coordinate with all of the wedding attendants involved, ensuring that the custom orders are received and produced in time.

If you're a bride looking to create a custom-made suit for your big day, we'd love to help.


If you're an athletic team, club or professional organization, we can help. 9tailors offers uniform design and production services for you and your cohort.

Our experienced design team works with you to create sophisticated and stylish garments that reflect your desired aesthetics and brand image. Garments can be custom-fit to each member of your team.

For additional information about our group orders, please email us at