Suits as Powerful as You

Introducing our women’s and female-bodied custom collection

Jan 2019

You are strong, beautiful and proud

Now you have a place to shop that makes clothes to reflect who you really are. Our clothes are carefully crafted by our master tailors. We partner with some of the best mills in the world, including Vitale Barberis Canonico, Loro Piana and Huddersfield just to name a few. Whether or not you are looking for a suit with a masculine cut, feminine flair or somewhere in between, our style advisors help you to design a garment that is as unique as you for every important occasion in your life.

Maroon Gabardine 3-Piece Suit

Maroon Gaberdine 3-Piece Suit880
White Cotton/Poly Shirt89

Blue 2-Piece Suit and Vest

Blue 2-Piece Suit1,300
Blue Paisley Vest225
White 100% Cotton Shirt159

Taupe Pinstripe 2-Piece Suit

Taupe Pinstripe 2-Piece Suit625
Striped Cotton/Poly Shirt89

Limited Edition 2-Piece Suit

Black 2-Piece Suit499
Grey 2-Piece Suit499
Navy 2-Piece Suit499
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